Saturday, July 7, 2007

While I'm waiting for the first floor structure, I'd like to talk about the design. First of all, I considered all atmosphere around my site. It's on the south side of the river. At latitude +14 degree as in Thailand, my site has advantages in many aspects. The sun light will never make sharp reflection on the river to my house. I also get the soft sunlight in the morning. The trade wind blows from the south to north in summer whereas the cold wind blow in reverse in winter. All round are not higher than 2 floor housing. My site is on out-curve side so the shore is more clearer than another that full of bush. Unfortunately. the entrance way to site is quite narrow, it's just 5 meters wide. Furthermore, It's not the public way because it's the propperty of the former owner but everyone there can pass on this way.

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