Saturday, June 2, 2007

Piling the riverside retaining wall

The large amount of soils were graded to the riverside area to be the base of caterpillar 120. All workers set the scaffolds in alignments for piling point. The caterpillar sized 120 is the biggest machine that can come into my site, it is enough for pressing the piles anyway.

13 pilles were move into site in the morning. All of them are I-shape (I22) re-enforce concrete. 8 of them are 8 meters long, 5 of them are 4 meters long.

I ask uncle Pae, my contractor, to ensure the line of the retaining wall because if it mistakes this time, it would be very difficult to correct and I would have to endlessly argue with neigbour.

The method of piling is quite fantasy as show in images. Firstly' the pile was tied at the neck and then was pull up to the piling point. At this time, some workers have to help it to mark at the right position. After that the pile was pull down by Caterpillar's arm until it can stand itself. Then the steel chain was release and the pile was independent. Finally the pile was press in vertical by caterpillar until it deep down to the target level.

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