Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Site Location of the House

It's impossible for middle class to have a riverside house in big city like as in Bangkok. Fortunately, I was move my workplace from Bangkok downtown to suburban area in Nakorn Chaisri . Althought it's not too far for driving to there (about 60 Km.) but it takes much time to penetrate backward into Capital.

Nakorn Chaisri is in the western side of Bangkok. I cannot say that it is a part of Capital outskirt. it's really the nearest upcountry. All the way there are still green and full of aroma of rice feild. Nakorn Chaisri River lays down on this land and makes the price of riverside areas are more higher than the other ones.
Even thought Nakorn Chaisri River is not big and wide as compare with Chaopraya River in Bangkok, it's actually virgin as you cannot find from Chaopraya. People who stay there still have a lifestyle as same as in a few decades ago. Almost of them do fishing and farming, Oh god, how can cityboy like me can live here.

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