Friday, November 25, 2011

All grass ground are dead

A view from upper balcony to a riverside ground. All grasses and some plants are dead. See how it differs from it was last month.

High tide and a riverside house

I try to row a boat on a river an take a photograph back to my home. This view is so stange to me because I've never seen it at this position.

Flood situation on 26th Nov, 2011

This morning, my parking area is almost dry. So I have to take a picture to claim an insurance company for all damage from flood. The flood leaves a clue that show how high of it.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Flood situation on 12th Nov, 2011

All CBD zones are safe from flood.
Water level at northern Bangkok gradually decreases.
Chatuchak Weekend Market still opens but many shops are closed.
Overall situations slightly turn to normal obviously.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Flood situation on 9th Nov, 2011

Thailand flood made me got a relief boat from city hall this morning. My mom was trying to use it. I realized that it difficult to row as my mom said after I tried it.

Monday, October 31, 2011

Before & After : Riverside Bedroom

Thanks God giving me a wondwerful river view every morning.

Flood Record 31th Oct, 2011

Today, flood is about 12 centimeters higher than yesterday was. Riverside yard is all sunken. Water level rises up to the first step 0f an entrance stair.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Before & After : Side Space

The side area of my house has a very tiny space that I cann't imagin what it should be when it was built. After construction work was finished, this area was a wasted area and useless space.

One day I had had lunch at Siam-Paragon and a huge vertical garden of the prestige shopping mall was facing to my eyes. I said UREKA.

Before & After : Riverside Yard

I've searched my old posts and found some pictures that can compare to a present one. This is a view of riverside yard from upper balcony.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Bye bye my car

To avoid my car from flooding, I have moved it to a higher parking. My neighbour also moved his Mercedes-Benz to a safer place and use his old car and park it in front of his fence.

Decade Flood on High Tide Day : 30th Oct, 2011

This year, Thailand's central plain has been invaded by great flood. Ta-chin River, in front of my house, has been forced to be a flood way. See how it affects to my house. Now, there are only 50 centimeters left the flood will touch my living floor. Bad news is the great mass of water still is on above provinces.

Friday, October 29, 2010

The Importance Of Insurance When You Build A House

It does not take much of an injury nowadays to be worth a lawsuit of $10,000 and a really serious injury can well cost an owner $100,000 or more.The cost of insurance is a small drop in the ocean compared to this.

Juries are inclined to be very sympathetic toward an accident victim and to be rather liberal with the money of the insurance companies. As they are not allowed to be told whether you are insured or not, they assume that you are carrying insurance. Be safe and carry the necessary legal protection.

In some places a department of the state handles all the workmen's compensation insurance; in others, private insurance companies may operate in the compensation field.

Find out and be legally protected against all lawsuits arising from accidents or incidents of your building operations.The cost of compensation insurance for the entire job probably wouldn't be more than $40 or $50, and it doesn't pay to take a chance.

Contractors and sub-contractors are supposed to carry their own compensation insurance, but it is well to inquire into it before you let them start to work, as you are liable for anything that happens on your job.If they do not carry the proper insurance, then you should carry it, or not hire them; find someone who is properly insured.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Merchant ship lantern

Some places in every home or apartment can go from ordinary to extraordinary just by making a few key substitutions. Designer lights are a case in point. Check out the lighting fixtures in your home. Do they add as much to the decor as possible?

Cabinet install 12th March

This cabinet consists of these parts: a base, compartment and a top. A self-standing cabinet is supported by some sort of a base. This could either be a fully enclosed base, or a set of legs. At least one compartment may be present in a cabinet. Compartments may be open, or enclosed by two doors.
Setting up a cabinet, however, is no easy task, as this requires much attention and skill. I bought an already PVC furnished , Some bought piece by piece, and some, are really made from scratch. Though cabinetmaking require a good deal of effort, the product will surely be of good use.

Water supply pipe 12th March

Add top soil 12th March

Toilet accessaries install 12th March

The two most noticable materials in the bathroom are the bathroom vanity and the flooring materials (usually tile). By creating a design theme for your bathroom, just changing these two materials can have a dramatic effect. If you search the online stores, you can find a wide range of bathroom vanities that cover every style- from old world to ultra modern. By choosing the right vanity, it is easy to build a color palette and design pattern around it. Going with ultra modern? Maybe some glass tile would look best with that new vanity? Going for the old world look? How about about some tumbled stone tiles? The possibilities are endless.

Hood install

Hood duct install 12th March

Duct for hood 11th March